Communal Gallery Berlin

The Communal Gallery Berlin has been the forum of contemporary art in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf since 1974. Until now the Communal Gallery introduces constantly changing exhibitions. Each one lasts six or eight weeks.

After the reconstruction and modernization in 2009 the gallery has changed into a functional exhibition forum under the leadership of Mrs. Elke von der Lieth.

The gallery offers space for a diversity of arts:

  • Space for photographs, painting, graphics, installations and performances.
  • On reopening  the building  it was renamed Kommunale Galerie Berlin.
  • Changing exhibitions take place on 400 square meters focusing contemporary arts from Berlin. Right here the attention is drawn on work of arts of female and male artists,living and working in the district.

The city photography means a main focus in the exhibition program.

The functional system represents the Kommunale Galerie as an attractive platform to the activists of art and culture and the public.

In cooperation with the university of arts Berlin the master students and holders of scholarships introduce themselves revealing  the young artistic scene.

The participation in exhibitions and in the European month of photography integrates the gallery in the entire municipal art activities of Berlin and the international art argued in written and verbal manners.

Something new means the exhibition  “3 Tage Kunst” (3 days of art) which has been taking place in the communal gallery since 2011. The exhibition introduces forty female and male artists living and working in the district. The selection is determined by a panel of judges.

“3 Tage Kunst” (3 days of art) makes the art activists come together in a common place and supports their appearance and the participation in the art events of the city.

Above all the exhibition serves as a platform for a wide range of contacts and for a better interlink of art and culture activists.

On the occasion of 40 years of existence a circle of supporters was founded in 2014 promoting the activities. In 2015 the art award Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf was advertised  publicly.                                             

The arthothek  - the renting of art 

Contemporary art of female and male artists from Berlin:

  • Painting/graphics/photography/sculptures/art for children

The arthothek  -  the renting of art -  in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf offers positions of contemporary art in Berlin including the renting of more than 1000 works of art.

The arthothek, established in the 70s, includes more than 7000 pieces of art. 

Just a small part has already been digitalized and memorized on an online data file where you may consult the inventory.

The existing stock is extended annually by acquiring new objects which are introduced in a special exhibition every year. Presents from collectors and personal effects sometimes even passed to the gallery during their lifetime, complete the stock continually.                                                                                                                                    

A very particular focus lays on the city photography of Berlin taken by photographers living and working in the city.

In addition to this the arthotek should be understood as an important instrument supporting artists by annual purchases.                       

Instructions for use

The renting  is limited to 10 or 20 weeks. The rental charge will be estimated for each work of art and amounts between 1,- € up to 5,- €. The renting cannot be extended. By extending the limited time of renting a reminder charge will be demanded.

For renting a work of art the first domicile has to be in Berlin. This must be proved by a valid identity card. If any damage occurs to the object the person renting the work of art will be held responsible. 



Hohenzollerdamm 176
10713 Berlin

Tel.:  030 9029 16709
Fax.: 030 9029 16705

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  11 a.m. -  5 p.m.

Wednesday 11 a.m. -  7 p.m.

The ATELIER is a place for children and young people where they may learn outside the school. Lessons and courses in art take place. They accompany the current exhibitions. Groups of schools and kindergartens pay a visit to the ATELIER. After passing the gallery they work altogether with female educational teachers and female artists.